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The main theme of The Maze, heard in the opening bars, may be considered the protagonist of the piece's musical narrative. This central melody (or character) finds itself lost in contrasting environments, hits dead-ends and reappears in unlikely places. The journey for the protagonist is not a linear trajectory, but a labyrinthine adventure with many challenges along the way. The broader symbolism for this musical storyline is that life's path is like a maze. In the words of Amanda Deverich, 'considering the life path as a maze appropriately frames and reflects the reality of most people’s experience. A vector is a tempting metaphor because magnitude and movement are part of life’s journey, but straight lined paths are rare.'


Commissioned by Amanda Reed and Frances Wood for American violist, Matthew Lipman. Premiered at the Vivo Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio by Matthew Lipman (viola), Gabriel Campos Zamora (clarinet) and Caroline Hong (piano) in 2018.

The Maze (for clarinet, viola and piano)

  • PDF file includes full score (for clarinet, viola and piano - Score in C), plus separate clarinet and viola parts. Advanced level. Duration 12 minutes. Total 48 pages. NB. All PDF or ZIP downloads are sent to the email address linked to the PayPal account used for purchase.

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